Early Years Programme – Liverpool Swimming Academy

Early Years Programme


  • ASA Duckling Awards Pathway
  • STA Awards Pathway
  • Pre school – 2 years – 6 months old to 3 years -11 months
  • Group sizes very small
  • Lovely warm water


Early Years Programme

As early practitioners we understand the importance of providing a quality Early Years Programme.  Our core principles of the early years programme are time and play and safety awareness.


This is one of the greatest gifts we can give to children.  The world is a confusing place for a small child and as parents its hard not to feel anxious if your child hasn’t grasped a concept on the first attempt.  At our academy we understand children learn at different paces and for some dipping toes in and feeling the water is a huge achievement whilst others will launch themselves from the top step into the pool without as much as a second thought.  At our academy we aim to create a safe environment that gives children time to enjoy the water, and confidence to practice moving through the water


We believe play is a vital medium for learning to take place.  Our aim is to deliver structured pool play activities that engage, motivate and challenge the learner.  Lessons are planned to centre around a theme for example going to the beach, picnic, moon.  Using an array of colourful pool toys and a touch of imagination we can create a stimulating and fun setting.  Our play scenarios create opportunities for  learning to take place moving forwards, backwards and changing direction.  Motion actions practiced in the water and repeated time and time again are known to improve children’s gross motor skills.

Play opportunities

Safety Awareness

Our pool is the ideal venue to create a safe environment for children the lovely warm water and exclusive usage, make it the perfect setting for young children.  Also parents can sit at poolside and capture all the best moments.

Learning to swim is a skill for life and getting little ones familiar with water in a safe and warm environment is a great place to start.  We believe the ideal age to start the Swim England duckling programme and STA awards is 2 years onwards.  At this age little ones will learn how to become independent from the adult whilst still being under constant close supervision.  We keep our group sizes very small and give every child lots of individual attention.

Learning to move through the water

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