Please only use this page if you are ready to commit to booking on to our Learn to Swim Intensive Course.

How to use the booking system:

  1. Complete name of parent and name of child section.
  2. Complete age of child section from the drop down menu (please note we will accept older/younger for private lessons just put a note in the note section).
  3. Choose the appropriate stage for your child’s ability and select date and time from the drop down menu. A summary of the stages is provided below if you are unsure which to choose.  Please note the course will run for 5 consecutive days for 30 minutes at the same time each day.
  4. Complete the email and phone number section.
  5. Add any additional notes if needed.
  6. Please press submit once all sections are complete.
  7. Once we receive your form we will send you a payment link to complete. We reserve slots for 12 hours and release them without payment.

Stage 1 : Approximately 4 years old, or can be slightly older for nervous swimmers. At this stage we will work on water confidence. Please no 3 year olds unless we specifically move a child up.

Stage 2: Approximately 5 years old. With buoyancy aids – water confident and happy to put the whole head under water starting to grasp the doggy paddle. (If your 5 year old is still nervous please select stage 1).

Stage 3: Approximately 6 years old upwards. Able to doggy paddle without buoyancy aids and strong enough to start learning the overarm front crawl action.

Please note that if you send a blank form (i.e. without a selected date and time) then your place will not be reserved.
For any additional enquiries please call us on 0151 345 5005 – thank you. We look forward to seeing you soon.