Learn to Swim – Stages 1 – 5

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This is a brilliant class and Kathy is a fab teacher. My two children have come on leaps and bounds in just a few weeks. After a couple of years in a local pool swimming class where they learnt very little Kathy has brought out their confidence and developed their skills. Highly recommended.   Jennifer Callaghan    

Liverpool Swimming Academy

Stages 1 -5

  • Learn to swim programme with bespoke syllabus
  • 3.5 years upwards (ability dependent)
  • Ongoing Assessment of aquatic skills and technique
  • Stages 1 – 5 delivered after school and Saturday’s
  • Experienced Level 2 Swimming Coaches

Our academy learn to swim pathway

We have pulled together over 15 years teaching, specialist early years training and additional needs training to create a bespoke learn to swim programme for our academy swimmers.

Our core values include giving children time to learn, creating a safe environment and devising a syllabus that is flexible so as to successfully cater for different learning styles.

Our academy learn to swim programme Stages 1 to 5 succeed the STA Stanley Awards and Swim England Duckling Awards.

Children need to learn how to move through the water


Our philosophy is to develop FUNdatmental skills such as blowing bubbles, floating in a variety of shapes and establishing a successful leg kick.  Children need to learn  how to move through the water, under the water and on top!  Once these skills have been mastered we can then focus on refining strokes and perfecting technique.

Liverpool Swimming Academy Awards Pathway

Bespoke Syllabus


Pencil Float

We have carefully created a bespoke syllabus that has five swimming stages.  Each swimming stage has a set number of outcomes to be achieved. We have developed outcomes that increase in complexity as the children journey through the stages.

Outcomes and Assessment

Stage 1 – Red Fish  Stage 2 – Orange Fish  Stage 3 – Green Fish  Stage 4 – Blue Fish Stage 5 – Purple Fish

A different coloured fish represents a range of key skills for every stage.  As the children work seamlessly from one stage to the next aquatic skills develop in sophistication and a tool box of skills is acquired.

Toolbox of skills

It is the focus on skill development that makes our swimming syllabus effective.  Equipping learners with a tool box of aquatic skills is an essential part of swimming development.  Our approach to learning, provides the individual with key skills to draw from to become proficient in all four strokes.  Additionally, it also keeps interest levels engaged as children have the opportunity to experiment with different skills as they continually revisit, develop and refine.


As every child is unique we use ongoing assessment as our preferred model to monitor children’s progress and achievements.  This method allows for flexibility and a specific skill can be adapted as necessary to cater for specific individual needs.  Regular assessment is ongoing so that achievements can be recorded and appropriate certificates issued at the correct time.  Formative assessment also assists with setting individual targets, again reinforcing each child’s needs.

Price List 

Group lessons £8.50 per lesson (paid in advance on a 8 -10 week cycle)

Two to one £25 per lesson (paid in advance on a calendar month basis)

One to one £20.00 (paid in advance on a calendar month basis)

We hope that you will join our learn to swim programme.   If you are interested in finding out more information please fill in our contact form above and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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