Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Swimming Programme


Evolve Combat Academy, Sandy Road, Seaforth, L21 1AQ



Monday –  5 – 7pm

Tuesday –  3.30 – 7pm

Wednesday – 3.30 – 7pm

Thursday – 5 – 7pm

Friday   –   3.30 – 7pm

Saturday  –  9.30 – 11.30am

The Benefits of Liverpool Swimming Academy Swimming Lessons
  • Private Room
  • Bespoke Swimming Programme
  • Relaxing Sensory Experience
  • Warm Water

Liverpool Swimming Academy Pool

Here at Liverpool Swimming Academy we our fortunate to have our very own pool that is located in a private room within a gym complex.

The pool presents a safe environment without deep water and is favourable for those with irrational fears or no fear, sensory isssues particulary to temperatue and communication difficulites.

The pool temperatue is kept between 33 and 35 celcius making a perfect setting for children who have sesnsory difficulties relating to autistic spectrum disorder (ASD.)  Also we allow parents to sit on the poolside so reducing anxiety and increasing the enjoyable experience of the lessons.

The private swimming lessons can be tailored so suit the individuals very specific needs.  This factor can have several benefits to children’s overall progress for reasons explained below.

The pace of the lessons can be dictated by the children’s needs with plenty of opportunities for the children to explore the sensory feel of the warm water.

The swimming instructor can give attention solely to the individuals often complex needs.

Swimming skills can be presented to the children in small incremental steps and practised repeatedly until the child feels at ease and is ready to move onto the next step.

Activities and skills can be introduced slowly so the individual has time to process the information before moving onto the next stage.

One of the greatest challenges when learning to swim for children with ASD is underwater work.  To overcome fears, we gently guide the children through this process from blowing bubbles in the water through to retrieving objects from the pool floor.

“Once the children feel at ease with going underwater we have difficulty keep them above the surface:)”

Term time lessons are delivered mid week after school between 3.30 and 7pm. 

One to  one – £18.00 per lesson – Paid in advance on a calendar month basis

We hope that you may like to join us for the one to one programme.  If you are interested in finding out more information or would like a place reserving please fill in our contact form and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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Liverpool Swimming Academy

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