TriAthtlete Swimming Training package

  • Over Winter Training
  • Stroke Analysis
  • Technique and stroke drills
  • Final Analysis
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Kaiman exo goggles
Kaiman Exo – Goggles excellent choice for Triswimmers


Endless Pool Technololgy

With the onset of winter and the open water temperature dropping to below 10C now is the time for Triathletes to start over winter training.  Here at Liverpool Swimming Academy our unique endless pool, provides the perfect setting for Triathletes over winter training.

The endless pool technology has a 5 hp propeller to deliver a high intensity resistance training work out.   The water current is also adjustable for greater control making a range of swimming speeds possible from high intensity to endurance swimming.  Our endless pool is the perfect setting for creating a purposeful and challenging over winter training programme

Tri Athlete Coach
Triathlete training prgoramme

This is when we call on the expertise of Karl Smither.  Karl’s involvement in coaching swimming dates back over 10 years. His role within the sport ranges from competitive swimmer through to assistant coach . His accumulative coaching expertise will guide you seamlessly through the over winter training programme.


Over Winter Training Package

1st session – Initial stroke analysis, an overall assessment of technique and stroke performance.  Areas for improvement are noted and brought to swimmers attention and a list of corrective drills compiled.

2nd session – Focus of the session will continue with stroke efficiency and corrective drills practiced and reinforced.

3rd session -Final analysis and report of overall performance.

Price list for Tri Swim Package and coaching Sessions
Tri Swim package – 3 x 1 hour coaching session – 12o.00
1 hour coaching session – 40.00

If you are interested in finding out more information or would like to book a place on any of the above sessions please fill in our contact form and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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